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In order to ensure I know what’s happening and when, I would be really grateful if you could please fill in the following form.  Many thanks.


Wedding Day Planner

  • Name and Mobile Number
  • Name and Mobile Number
  • Name and Mobile Number
  • Name and Mobile Number
  • Name and Mobile Number
  • Please provide me with the names of any VIPs. In particular: - Parents / Grandparents on both sides - Siblings and husbands / wives / kids - Bridesmaids - Groomsmen
  • Name and Contact Number
  • Full address and postcode please.
  • I usually arrive about the same time as the make-up artist - about two hours before you leave for the ceremony.
  • Just so we have enough time to get photos before you leave and for me to get to the ceremony ahead of you.
  • If so, please provide details of where the groom is getting ready. Only applicable if you have booked a second shooter!
  • If so, please could you reserve a space for me?
  • Just so I can factor this in to the timings of the day - these tend to take up at least half an hour.
  • These are worth having, even if you don't like them! The norm is between 6 - 8. I recommend: - Extended families together - Extended family on each side - Immediate family on each side - Bridesmaids and groomsmen - Bridesmaids - Groomsmen Please ensure I have the names of all the people you'd like in the group photos (at the top of this form).
  • NB These can take about 15 minutes to organise.
  • - Hair - Make up - Dress - Grooms Attire - Flowers - Transport - Caterers - Cake - Band / DJ