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Kew Gardens Engagement Photography: Karen + Jim


One cold, wet February afternoon, I met Karen and Jim at Kew Gardens – the venue for their wedding I was shooting later in the year.  Despite the cold and rain, we had a lovely hour or so exploring the Gardens – which looked totally different a few months later on the wedding day.  It was an absolutely treat to take pictures of Karen and Jim (and Alexandra – immaculately behaved throughout) and they were amazingly game, going along with all sorts of crazy cues and ignoring the worst of February’s weather.  This Kew Gardens engagement shoot, although in a different season, allowed me to get to know the venue really well in advance of the wedding.  As the gardens are so big, we had plenty of locations to choose from – leaving us with plenty more for the wedding day itself.  This was just the beginning of our journey together – you can see their wedding here…