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Engagement Photography


Every wedding booked with me includes a complimentary engagement shoot.  I find this is a great way for us all to meet before I photograph your wedding and use the opportunity to run through your plans for the day face to face.  It also helps you get to know me behind the camera – and become relaxed with me taking your phot0 –  I know having your photo taken is not always everyone’s ideal pastime, but it is really good fun – honestly!  Apart from anything else, it’s a great chance to take time out, talk about yourselves and enjoy!

Whether it’s engagement photography prior to your wedding, a wedding anniversary or just to update your albums.  I like to find a location that means something to you – whether it’s on top of a hill, beside the sea or anywhere in between.

Shortly after the engagement photography shoot, I’ll send you fully edited highlights – usually up to 20 – on a memory stick.  These are to keep and share with family and friends.  They are hi-resolution so you can also print them.  I can also work with you if you want any images framed.  I work with high quality framers and printers and can source these for you at a very reasonable price.  Of course, it’s in my interest that your pictures look their best.

One question I am always asked prior to an engagement photography shoot it what to wear.  Here are a few tips to bear in mind while you’re staring at your wardrobe…

  • The most important rule is to wear something that you would ordinarily wear – and that makes you feel really good!
  • Think of how you would like the shoot to look – do you want it soft and floaty, bright and colourful or are you more rock n roll?
  • Your outfits should look good together – not matching but complementing.
  • Colours that go well together look great in photos and bright colours always ‘pop’ out of the photos really well.  It doesn’t have to be an entire explosion of colour – but a colourful scarf or colourful accessories work really well
  • Think about the backgrounds at the location for your shoot – if it’s in a park, go for a colour that will stand out from the greens and browns of grass and trees
  • If you want to wear heels, do but bear in mind there will be a degree of walking between locations during the shoot – sometimes on grass – so it is a good idea to bring flats with you too. Unless of course you’re so used to walking in heels, it isn’t a problem!
  • Layers are good – especially in our lovely changeable climate – cardies, jumpers, jackets
  • Accessories are also good! Jewellery, scarves, hair accessories, hats, sunglasses…
  • For him – anything from ‘smart casual’ to smart is what you’re aiming for! Nothing too casual and don’t forget to think about the footwear too! Basically, dress for the same occasion as your other half
  • For her – if you’re going to have a trial make-up session done prior to the wedding, it might be worth trying to get it in before your engagement shoot. Otherwise, I would do your make up as if you’re going out in the evening – it might look strange in the mirror at 1o am on a work day but it will work well on camera


And the only thing to really avoid…

  • Heavily logo-ed clothes or clothes with big writing on – please no football shirts!

I think that’s it! Good luck with the wardrobe – and I look forward to photographing your engagement!





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