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Gorgeous to spend time with this lovely little chap just before Christmas.   Having had three baldies myself (and one called Arthur!), I’m a sucker a fuzzy baby head and Arty B has one of the finest – as well as his mummy’s stunning blue eyes. I took these photos a few months ago and he’s already grown up so much since then.  I love being a Hampshire family photographer as every age is so fleeting and the photos capture that age for everyone to treasure – hopefully for years to come.  Every stage is gorgeous and it’s great to have photographic evidence of it.  I now I already treasure the baby photos of our boys.   Looking forward to seeing this little Arthur grow up – although long may that fuzzy head last.


Bride and groom by the beach Infracombe tunnels

My style of documentary wedding photography means I'll capture the moments that make your day so you can relive them over and over again. Whether you're in those moments, or you're watching them for the first time. The slideshow of highlights from your wedding day will bring the memories of the day flooding back.


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