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Portsmouth Engagement Photography: Amy + Lee


One outrageously hot day in Southsea, I met Amy and Lee for their engagement shoot. Lee really didn’t want to have his photograph taken – and being a sunny Sunday in Southsea, everywhere was absolutely teeming with people.  I steered them through the crowds – holding on to Lee so he couldn’t run away – to quieter back streets.  Before long, Lee was getting into it, Amy was a pro and they were both got totally in the groove.  They were brilliant sports – and the locations we used showed their amazingly clear eyes off to the max!  It was definitely a learning doing this Portsmouth engagement photography shoot – discovering lovely little out of the way places for camera shy grooms!  This engagement shoot verified why I offer a complimentary engagement shoot with every wedding.  By their wedding day Lee knew what to expect of me and wasn’t worried about having his photo taken so didn’t tense up when a lens was near him.  It also allowed me to get to know them both in advance of the day making everyone much more relaxed.  It’s a treat to see Amy regularly at Salon 16 and keep up to date – and to take photos of their gorgeous new little girl!



Kew Gardens Engagement Photography: Karen + Jim


One cold, wet February afternoon, I met Karen and Jim at Kew Gardens – the venue for their wedding I was shooting later in the year.  Despite the cold and rain, we had a lovely hour or so exploring the Gardens – which looked totally different a few months later on the wedding day.  It was an absolutely treat to take pictures of Karen and Jim (and Alexandra – immaculately behaved throughout) and they were amazingly game, going along with all sorts of crazy cues and ignoring the worst of February’s weather.  This Kew Gardens engagement shoot, although in a different season, allowed me to get to know the venue really well in advance of the wedding.  As the gardens are so big, we had plenty of locations to choose from – leaving us with plenty more for the wedding day itself.  This was just the beginning of our journey together – you can see their wedding here… 




Hampshire Anniversary Photography: Charlotte + Nigel


Just before Christmas, Nigel and Charlotte took time away from The Thomas Lord to have their photo taken – partly to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, but also to provide a lovely Christmas presents for both of their mothers.  It was great fun photographing them, their cat (no interest in being photographed) and two dogs (desperate to run into the lens).  I hope the mothers’ were happy with their frames!







Portrait Photography: Artist Rachel Heller

It was such a pleasure to take these photos of Rachel Heller at her home in Margate.  She was an excellent sport and only slightly distracted by Hector (4) dancing to her cracking selection of 80s tunes!  Rachel is an amazing talented artist represented by Flowers Gallery.  Rachel’s work is being exhibited at Flowers on 8th – 13th February 2016 more details here.

Rachel Heller in Margate - black and white




Meon Valley Family Photography: Little Arthur

Gorgeous to spend time with this lovely little chap just before Christmas.   Having had three baldies myself (and one called Arthur!), I’m a sucker a fuzzy baby head and Arty B has one of the finest – as well as his mummy’s stunning blue eyes. I took these photos a few months ago and he’s already grown up so much since then.  I love being a Hampshire family photographer as every age is so fleeting and the photos capture that age for everyone to treasure – hopefully for years to come.  Every stage is gorgeous and it’s great to have photographic evidence of it.  I now I already treasure the baby photos of our boys.   Looking forward to seeing this little Arthur grow up – although long may that fuzzy head last.

Black and white little boy standing

Baby eating a limeBaby learning to crawl