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Portsmouth Engagement Photography: Amy + Lee


One outrageously hot day in Southsea, I met Amy and Lee for their engagement shoot. Lee really didn’t want to have his photograph taken – and being a sunny Sunday in Southsea, everywhere was absolutely teeming with people.  I steered them through the crowds – holding on to Lee so he couldn’t run away – to quieter back streets.  Before long, Lee was getting into it, Amy was a pro and they were both got totally in the groove.  They were brilliant sports – and the locations we used showed their amazingly clear eyes off to the max!  It was definitely a learning doing this Portsmouth engagement photography shoot – discovering lovely little out of the way places for camera shy grooms!  This engagement shoot verified why I offer a complimentary engagement shoot with every wedding.  By their wedding day Lee knew what to expect of me and wasn’t worried about having his photo taken so didn’t tense up when a lens was near him.  It also allowed me to get to know them both in advance of the day making everyone much more relaxed.  It’s a treat to see Amy regularly at Salon 16 and keep up to date – and to take photos of their gorgeous new little girl!




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