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Yes, I remember Adlestrop
The name, because one afternoon…

I met Louise and James to take their engagement photos!  I would carry on but wouldn’t do Edward Thomas justice!  Louise’s parents live in Adlestrop, a beautiful village in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside and their wedding is going to be here in the summer.  The church is being re-roofed especially and it will the first time the church bell will be heard ringing in decades!  Can’t wait! They are such a gorgeous couple I know it’s going to be a cracking day.  Doing Gloucestershire engagement photography means you’ve got to get out into the countryside and take in the views – and Adlestrop has plenty!  The weather was amazing.  Louise had the forethought to have two pairs of shoes so her lovely heals didn’t get ruined as we schlepped across horse-torn fields.    And James, unlike some grooms, was totally comfortable with the camera.  My work here is done!  I absolutely love doing these engagement shoots.  It gives me such a great opportunity to spend a bit of time with both the bride and the groom and get the know them a bit before their big day.  It also gives them the chance to know me too.  Love a win-win!


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My style of documentary wedding photography means I'll capture the moments that make your day so you can relive them over and over again. Whether you're in those moments, or you're watching them for the first time. The slideshow of highlights from your wedding day will bring the memories of the day flooding back.


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