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Let there be light!  At long last the evenings have got a bit longer.   So lovely to get this booked in the diary in the thick of winter when the short days seemed to be endless.  As the shoot was at the end of March, suddenly we could meet in the late afternoon and have time for a cup of tea and a shoot on a gorgeous sunny early spring afternoon.  Alex and Ben live and work at Haileybury College – a beautiful school in the Hertfordshire countryside.   Doing Haileybury engagement photography is such a treat.  The school dates back to the early 19th century and the buildings are steeped in history – although the reason for the grim reaper weather vain on the cricket pavilion remains a mystery!   Such a beautiful backdrop for an engagement shoot – and for a wedding!   It was gorgeous to meet Alex and Ben – and to try and get Ben used to the camera…!  I think I achieved my mission – even if it’s only for the big day itself!  So looking forward to seeing them again and meeting their families and friends at their wedding later in the year!  It’s going to be a corker!



Bride and groom by the beach Infracombe tunnels

My style of documentary wedding photography means I'll capture the moments that make your day so you can relive them over and over again. Whether you're in those moments, or you're watching them for the first time. The slideshow of highlights from your wedding day will bring the memories of the day flooding back.


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